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Simon Bray, the artist for SimpleQuest, came up with the goods today as he submitted this lovely vivid cover that I think sums up the tone of the game nicely.

I’ve also posted the Introductory chapter of the game on the SimpleQuest page of my website, so you can check out what its all about.

Not long to go now.

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4 thoughts on “SimpleQuest cover”

  1. Nice to see it taking shape!

    However, if I may comment on that PDF chapter: I strongly recommend not using Arial (or close equivalent) for body text as it makes the text look boring and that’s unfair. You could use a bigger column gap on the two-column pages too. And I think you’ve put up a text that hasn’t been proofread yet – there are a lot of typos.

  2. Cool.

    The preview chapter is very much an early draft. Its had one editorial pass from Graham and I added bits to that which haven’t been edited. The layout is one of my early attempts with InDesign, HiG is making me better i hope by attrition. But comments taken on board.

    Self-defensiveness aside…thanks for your comments since I’ve only got a couple of weekends to pull SQ together and it reminds me that it will be better to have a printed off draft at Continuum than a costly printed off version which is unpolished and typo ridden.

  3. After playing the new D&D4e, our group found it overly complicated, with game mechanics getting in the way of “fun”.
    We have been following SQ for several months now, and our group can’t wait to switch over.

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