Upcoming releases

Quick note on Progress on upcoming releases from D101 Games

1. OpenQuest Adventures about 50% art complete, hoping to see it out by the end of this month 🙂

2. OpenQuest Online SRD 75% done, eta end of this month as well.

3. River of Heaven: Last Witness in layout, commisioning art.

4. Crypts and Things Remastered: In internal playtest, Kickstarter opens March 1st.

5. Project Darklight: Bad news gone back into design phase after intial feed back identified Wordplay was a bad fit system wise. Good news have already got a new simplier system that fits it like a glove. Rewrite commences,  hope to have it back out to playtest asap.

6. Gloranthan Adventures 2: Red Sun Rising in final stages of layout 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming releases”

  1. That is a bit of a disappointment about Project Darklight Newt.

    Personally I think something like Wordplay does fit the Cyberpunk genre really well, but I guess a lot is down to play-styles.

    I can see from the above that you are busy (and I especially don’t want to delay Red Sun Rising) but I would be interested in hearing in a bit more detail about what kind of things didn’t work very well with Wordplay.

  2. Hey, you didn’t see 2 years + playtesting go down the drain in the realisation that you’d been forcing the design of your game to work within the constraints of Wordplay 🙂

    But back to the drawing board 😉

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