SimpleQuest cover

Simon Bray, the artist for SimpleQuest, came up with the goods today as he submitted this lovely vivid cover that I think sums up the tone of the game nicely.

I’ve also posted the Introductory chapter of the game on the SimpleQuest page of my website, so you can check out what its all about.

Not long to go now.

Hearts in Glorantha – Update

This weekend I finsh off the layout for the first issue of Heart’s in Glorantha.

   has come up with the goods cover wise.

Its a extremely suitable ‘wrapper’ for all the high quality articles and art . Oh yes we have art, some of it jaw droppingly good -cheers Darran for sourcing.

There’s more about the first issue in a preview up on the D101 Games website

I’m chuffed to bits with the first issue, which has been very much thrown together very quickly. Its a credit to the people who have submitted articles. 

First Draft of Life and Death complete!!!

15 months after I started work on it the first draft of Life and Death is now complete.  60 pages of text, including eight pregenerated characters lovingly typed up to run at Continuum by both myself and Neil Ford. The fact that Neil volunteered to run it was the big push to get it finished. So cheers Neil!

It has slightly reduced in scope from the first very ambitious content’s list I posted yonks ago. Of the four proposed parts only two of them have made it in (the City of Miraz and the Iron Mines) mainly due to the need to keep the book manageable and tight. I’m quite happy that although the adventure is quite freeform, there’s a good story underpinning it all.

So next up will be revision, playtesting, procuring art and editing, which I’ll do post Continuum for a release in October to coincide with Furnace (18th-19th October).