Wee leetle update

My gosh after the flurry of activity that was Continuum, my aren’t we quiet round here.

Well there’s a reason for that Continuum and attendant nonsense burnt us out, oh yes it did our precious.  It hurts our eyes with all its loudness and beating of chests about RPG releases and running of games. Nasty little hobbits.

Joking aside Autumn/Winter of this year is me consolidating D101 Games, finishing off stuff, getting some of the practicalities sorted out (like sorting out a bank account for the swag I earnt at Continuum) and generally pulling all the disperate threads that make up the d101 tapestry together so I’m not streatched thin.

So here’s a brief update on what I’m working at.

Monkey – Had a good round of playtesting recently, lots of small changes to add into a revised playtest document that will be out for Furnace (18-19th Oct).  Early next year I’ll work in earnest on the background and settings chapter – which I plan to be immersive and rich and well worth the purchase of the book even if you don’t like the system.

SimpleQuest – Finally cracked the Monster’s chapter (which is about 25% of the book) today so well on for SQ Zero Revised for Furnace. This is what it says on the tin, the rules updated to take in a ton of feedback from the good folks at Basic roleplaying Central and Sceaptune Games and of course my lovely editor Graham Spearing.  After it Furnace I’ll finish off the example setting (about 10 pages worth of a Dark Ages Europe type setting) and adventure, both of which are already 75% done.  Hopefully out by XMAS if not very soon afterwards.

The Shattered Lands  & Life and Death
– Kinda on the self until SQ Core is out. But the good news is L&D is written and SL is about 50% done. After SQ core is out I’ll finish off the writing do the revisons and get an Artist on board. Already have an artist for the interior and have a good idea of who I’d like to do the covers.

Hearts in Glorantha
– Well on the way to getting issue 2 done before XMAS. Tons of stuff submitted and I face the uneasy one of do I split the content across two issues or go for a bumper issue 2?  Its all good though.  Issue 1 has done modestly well the two months its been out. Sales wise its sold about 100 copies, with it being an even split between Pdf and Print sales. I need to do more to push it is my main lession though, so you should eventually see the Pdf in the usual places (RPGnow etc) and perhaps availble via shops or some mail order outlet like IPR or Leisure games. Need to nail my distribution. But its going well so far.