Big Mad Fun at Continuum 2008

Well Continuum 2008 has been officially announced, at John Foster Hall, Leicester University, UK Friday 1st – Monday 4th August 2008.

Personally I’m going to be pimping Simple Quest and Monkey to the max.

Very early stages, but I’m thinking of doing a big mad Fantasy Greece game using SimpleQuest, with miniatures (hydras, hoplites, triremes) on a big map of Ancient Greece. Think Ray Harryhausen meets Herodotus.

Monkey is going to be making a big appearance as well, seeing as I’ll have the book out by then. Lots of tabletop games as well as the possibility of a short (4 max) Freeform, but since I’ve never done one of these before I’m going to consult the gods of Continuum free forming before I get carried away.

For me Continuum is going to be a D101Games thing, with the amps turned up to 11!

If anyone is interested in helping me out with all this fun, please get in touch (coment or contact at


Because SQ is going entirely OGL, I’m no longer going to be including The Shattered Lands setting in with the SQ rulebook. This will come out as its own commercial book, with a series of swords and sorcery adventures to back it up over the next couple of years.

Instead I’m going to be including an Fantasy Ancient Greece setting, based upon Herodotus’ histories, set just before and during the 1st Persian War, where mythology is real and the Spartans really are the sons of Heracles and have access to their father’s divine magic.

 Its going to be light and evocative and OGL, so other authors can quite happily set their own adventures in it and expand the setting. As well as the setting I’ll also be doing an introductory adventure – Children of the Minotaur – a tale of intrigue in Athens, involving Cretan Pirates and the return of a certain bull headed maze dwelling monster!

I’m doing the research for this at the moment, so this will probably be the last thing that gets written.