Tomb of the Necromancers (D101-025)

This is the second Crypts and Things module, written by Paul Mitchener.

I love this module, the encounter areas are like scenes from a movie in tone and pacing. It could quite easily be an 80s Conan film, with the finale in the Tomb of the Necromancer’s itself being more like Hellraiser, well this is Crypts and Things after all 😀

The production process was quite pain-free. Paul simply wrote the scenario, art and maps were commissioned and delivered, and it got a release back on 25/10/2013, which was a nice pre-birthday present 🙂

It’s a steady seller and nicely shows off what can be done with Crypts and Things. Quite often there is a certain amount of creative tension between myself and the authors of adventures for my games. OpenQuest is bad for that, authors often want to turn it into a certain game with Runes (which it isn’t). But that was none of that here. Paul got C&T and delivered a cracking adventure.

Tomb of the Necromancer cover by David M Wright