Emerging from the Black Hole

Been a good day, lots of things came together nicely.

Crypts and Things is in the final stages of print proof so should be out next week 🙂 Its been a long black hole the final stages of putting that one together, but I’m very happy with the book. It’s a big 248 page book with lovely art and a fantastic cover. A great team of people pulled together to get it done. But its been crunch time on it for what seems like for ever, but we are there now.

A spot of proof checking over lunch
A spot of proof checking over lunch

Next thing for C&T is scenario support. Its part of the Kickstarter but I’ve got a plan to land it all in the coming 3-4 months. David M. Wright who did the art for the main rule book and the same team who helped me proof C&T remastered are on fire to kick the adventures into shape. I’ve also plans for dedicated support for conventions/store demos via a program I’m calling the “Graveyard Shift”. Oh and watch out for a special Halloween release 🙂

Project Darklight, my rules light Cyberpunk/Ufology game is now out in both pdf and print, and I plan to get some support drummed up for it. Its had a very low-key release but plans are afoot to raise awareness for it 🙂

I’ve now got a webstore that you can buy stuff directly from me. It was greatly satisfying posting out the first batch of orders today. If you are in the UK post is free 🙂

We’re booked in for Dragonmeet in London in early December, so it will be nice to see folk at this one day trade show.

River of Heaven is getting an outing at the upcoming Furnace convention. I get to run a scenario called Starshine, which if all goes right will be the beginning of a short Living Campaign for River of Heaven.  Stay tuned for details on how that one pans out 🙂 Also its crunch time for River of Heaven Companion, along time promised.

Hearts in Glorantha 6 is on its way in. All the content is in, we have a cover. So its time for editorial, proofing and art. Hope to land both this and the River of Heaven Companion by Dragonmeet.

Oh and the ram has touched the wall on Monkey the 2nd Incarnation – first chapter of the new version has just been completed.   I’ll get it proofed and then post it as an early preview 🙂

So all is good. Glad that Crypts and Things Remastered is finally seeing the light of day, because it’s a great thing in itself and it frees me up to get on with a lot of fun releases 🙂

Warning! Warning Will Robinson! Website update incoming!

Its been at the back of my head for a good six months that d101games.com needs a good updating.  Being a Web Professional this should be a piece of cake. However there is a trade off between putting shiny new features on t’website and getting books out.

  • An online store. So you can buy books/pdfs from me directly. This one is a no brainer, but how far this is all integrated with the rest of the site. In fact there is a case for the Online store to become the site.
  • Continued support of the blogs. Personally I love blogging and some of the D101 authors have started to use their blogs too. I want to update/enhance this for the next iteration of the site. – UPDATE 22/11/2012 – Done.
  • D101games.com.  I’ve already got this domain, type it in and you’ll get the homepage of the site, but I want it so it maps to all pages of the site. While I’m particularly fond of the .co.uk domain name due to pride in my country, the .com domain name makes a huge difference in a business sense.- UPDATE 22/11/2012 – Done, with appropriate redirects for .co.uk so fingers xed no broken links.
  • A shiny new theme for the website/blogs/sub domains. Some of the site is looking a bit tired and I’ve now got quite a large gallery of images that I can use around the site to perk it up a bit.
  • Discussion/support forums. I know I closed down the previous forums saying I didn’t have a , but I think there’s a case of having at least a ‘Support’ forum for the rules and release date questions I get from time to time.
  • Clean up of navigation. Direct links to main titles, titles I’m working on etc.

Any suggestions, please leave a comment below.


d1o1 Games website updated

I’ve updated my website.

The main reason was a migration to WordPress Mu (the multiuser version of WordPress) which will make it easier to update the site. The navigation should be easier now and there are some major content updates. In the next month or so you should be able buy pdf and print versions of our products directly from me via the website.

You can now read the d101 development blog over at http://blog.d101games.com or carry on following it over at Live Journal since posts made there will be automatically shipped over.

New updates on the Website: