My line up of games for Virtual Grogmeet 2022

The Grognard files are at it again organising a virtual version of their annual meetup for listeners of the Grognard Files, on Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd April.  Signup is being down for Patreons first, but if there are any spaces left they get advertised via Twitter (where I’m @newtus by the way).

I’ve not GMed since before Christmas, and I think it shows in the number of games I’ve offered 😀

A Love Like Blood

Friday Evening

A Valentines Day Scenario for Reboot the Future

There’s been a series of murders where the victims have been pairs of lovers, drained of all their blood. New Oldham PD suspects a serial killer of exotic motive, but lack of funding hinders their investigation. The Chief of Police considers it more cost-effective to hire a team of freelancers to solve the case with a strict deadline. The department’s AI’s early analysis of the crime predicts the killer will strike again on the 14th of January.

Reboot the Future is a Cyberpunk RPG set in the space age of the 23rd Century. It uses the Liminal RPG as a base, with many augmentations for its high-tech setting, which at its heart is a simple roll 2d6 vs Target number, with modifying Traits which each character has as special abilities.

{Reboot the Future is currently available via a Catchupstarter, where you can get the same rewards as last year’s Kickstarter campaign, on the D101 Games store until March 5th


Hopping Vampire Mayhem

Saturday morning

Monkey the RPG

And so, the Journey to the West continues. Footsore and tired to the soul, the Pilgrims arrive in a poor peasant village. Instead of the rest they need, they are beset by hopping corpses out to drink their blood!

A monastery up on a nearby holy mountain is renowned for its ability to exorcise evil spirits. Perhaps you should hop over and get their help?

 This adventure is a quick demo of Monkey the Role-Playing Game, packed with fun kung-fu, laughter and the odd bit of horror to get the immortals seeking redemption from heaven into action. No knowledge of Chinese Mythology is needed or required, and the system is a very simple, straightforward one that uses regular playing cards.

[This is going to be included in the upcoming Monkey Companion]

Guard Dogs

Saturday Evening

Beyond Dread Portals

Once you left the Explorers Guild of Ys, you thought you were out of the whole dangerous business of popping through the magic portal on mad escapades. Your qualifications as an ex-Guild member got you a nice quiet life guarding the sealed portal to the infamous world of Nespo. The problem is someone sneaked through the portal on your watch, and it already looks like you will take the blame. Time to rejoin the Guild and find out who did visit Nespo to clear your name.

Guard Dogs is an action-packed introductory adventure for up to four characters of the third level. Beyond Dread Portals is a post-OSR game, written by Paul Mitchener that emphasises exploring a multi-dimensional game world rather than looting and killing.

[Beyond Dread Portals will on its first day of crowdfunding that day via, when I run this game]

Snakebite Pass

Sunday afternoon


Behold Imperial Aspirants, the entrance to Snake Bite Pass! The road through which our illustrious Celestial Emperor entered the promised land of Gatan, driving out the foul Serpent Cult who lived there. You are honoured to follow in his footsteps, taking this holy route to where the Emperor received the Celestial Vision. But be vigilant! The Emperor’s ancient enemies – the Serpent People – lurk in the caves and ruins that litter the pass.

An old-school D100 dungeon delve, using the straightforward OpenQuest rules. A Quest with an emphasis on adventure, wonder and dark villainy hidden away in the crevasses of this ancient pass.

[This adventure is going to feature in the upcoming OpenQuest Dungeons supplement]