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Monkey the Coaster edition – its so nearly done it hurts. As I keep on saying “need to get my head down”. Actually half way through the introductory adventure, which now has basic setting material and quick narrators advice (both will get full chapters in the complete game). Need to sort out an artist for this pronto, for a basic cover image if nothing else.  Final realise Summer 2008 (probably a big party at Continuum 2008).

Life and Death – The writings about 60% done and I’m occasionally picking it up and adding bits. Another project that I need to stick my head down and do. It will be coming out in two flavours. A Mongoose RQ version that you only need the main rulebook to play with and a SimpleQuest version. I playtested it a couple of weekends ago at NewtCon and it played smoothly, with a couple of tweaks. This playtest which only got through one third of the material (yet was still a satifying adventure) has inspired me to do more. Fortunatly my group enjoyed it:) Also running this at Furnace. Would be nice to also have this one done for then, but I’m not putting money on it.

SimpleQuest– Well I’ve let the cat out of the bag on this one in the previous post. First basic draft end of this week. Hoping to have it done early 2008.

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  1. If you’re thinking of hitting gencon this year, you should totally consider running these as events there. It’d be good playtesting and probably quite good fun!


    Your programme should be in the post later this week, I’ve been sidetracked by painting and decorating for the last week or so! Tried to ring you last week, but left a message, you gonna be in in the evenings this week?

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