Monkey progress

Despite having to take time were I can, due to birth of first child two weeks ago (which is chronicled in my personal blog

  ), I’ve managed a fair bit towards the Coaster edition of Monkey.

Admiting that a releasing a full version of the game (egged on by folks over at the Collective Endeavour) by Furnace in October was folly was the best thing I could do at this point. It takes the pressure off and has cleared my mind, in a way that is most productive.

I’ve cleaned up the current rules set considerably with ideas from the playtest. Character Gen is now nearly sorted, with one last session of writing to clean up loose ends. The Action chapter is next, with clean up on how the Fortune mechanic works within the main conflict rules, and an example of a non-combat dramatic contest. Then finally a quick setting chapter (no more than 3 pages; This is going to be the meat of the final version amoungst other things) and write up the demo adventure. So I reckon I’m around 50% of the way there.

So this means that dependent on how much writing time I get when I go back to work (I’ve just had two weeks paternity leave) I hope to have the first draft of the Coaster Edition done by the end of this month!

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