As Real life hits me soundly round the head, with impending house extension, I’ve been consolidating here at D101.

Moving Print versions over to This is a slow process, first I have to do some tweaking to the files (Drive thru are a bit more demanding than Lulu), regenerate the cover (different format) and then patiently wait during the approval process that takes a week or so. Monkey and OpenQuest have been done, I’m awaiting proofs, and the rest of this month should see all the supplements and Gloranthan Magazines get done. It make sense to have all my print titles in one place, and Drive thru is a much much better deal for both you and me. This time next month I should be moved totally and will be closing down my Lulu store.

OpenQuest for the win! I’ve more or less sorted the OQ release schedule for the next year. The powered by OQ games The Company & River of Heaven are the first priority.  Look out for very special pre-orders soon 🙂 Then we are back on track with OQ Fantasy releases, which I’ll post more details when the fuss over RQ6 is over.

RuneQuest 6. Talking of which I’ve got plans for a RQ6 supplement, since producing standalone supplements will have some form of free license, in a format that is fast, fun and gets you playing as quickly as possible making the best use of the rules systems. As a long time RQ fan its too exciting a prospect to overlook, but I am tempering it with the caution that the rest of the D101 catalog doesn’t get overlooked while we (it will be a collaborative effort) swan off to do our dream RQ project 😉

Forum. The current forum is going to die and probably not be replaced.  For a small outfit like me it doesn’t make sense for me to have my own forum. I check all the major rpg forums, and have a google alert set up so if you talk about one of my games I get an email about it, so over the next couple of days the forum will get closed.

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