Merry month of March

As winter comes to a close we find D101Games in good shape and me in positive mood.

Hearts in Glorantha issue 2 is selling steadily which is nice. Costs have been covered by sales and a new sponsorship deal that I’ve made with Patriot Games of Sheffield 🙂  Issue 3 is shaping up nicely, cover done, artists are getting assignments and 40 pages have already been submitted.  Best of all because I’ve now reached the confidence level that HiG pays its ways I’m letting it out into the shops – Leisure Games and Patriot will both have Issue 1 & 2 on sale at the end of this week!!!

SimpleQuest is on its way to Graham for a final no holds bared editing session. Simon Bray has delivered the last of the art. All that’s left for me is to bash into shape the introductory adventure and setting next week.  Fingers crossed should be done the end of the month 🙂

Work has finally started on the final draft of Monkey aka The Metal Monkey Edition (because it will be polished and robust).

This happens in three stages

  1. The Bronze  Monkey – an internal version of the complete that goes to the Mighty Monkey Army for comments, and then off to Mark Galeotti for final edit.
  2. The Silver Monkey – the laid out version, which will go tot the MMA for comment and after tweaking magically becomes….
  3. The Gold Monkey – The final version of the game.

Other stuff continues to bubble away under the surface, but this is the stuff I’m focusing at the moment.

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One thought on “Merry month of March”

  1. Woot!

    Apart from you and Graham in the “no holds bared session” which we shall all agree never happened.

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