Shattered Lands goes Duel stat

I plan to duel stat my Shattered Lands series of books, of which the Setting Book and the setting/adventure Life and Death will be the first releases, using both SimpleQuest and WordPlay.

This came out of the realisation that although me and my home group like traditional D100 based games like SimpleQuest we also when the mood takes us like our funky modern narrative games like Wordplay. This way we can play in the Shattered Lands which ever style of play tickles our fancy.

Like Hearts in Glorantha all the books will be affordably priced and both SQ and Wordplay will have free pdf versions available by the time SL comes out (Spring 2009)

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2 thoughts on “Shattered Lands goes Duel stat”

  1. Sounds funky.

    Graham should really be persuaded to make some money out of Wordplay. Then again perhaps he’s going for the fame. 😉

  2. Mostly the glory… 🙂

    I am delighted that I will be able to play in the Shattered Lands with Wordplay. All the best with it Newt. I will post out my Epic Fantasy Theme, which is about 6k in and should have more completed on it this weekend.


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