November update – getting back into it.

After a enforced absence due to recovery from Furnace and a ton of work to do at my day job, its time to get back on the D101 publication machine and work towards getting things out. In a focused, razor-sharp, merciless sort of way.

So here’s a quick update on where I’m upto with various D101 projects.

SimpleQuest – This needs finishing off. Currently I’m mulling over the Magic chapters, since I recently realised this is what I love most about old RQ/BRP, not the combat or the skills system but the three basic magic systems (Battle, Divine and Sorcery). Problem with SQ magic as it stands is that it inherits a quite functional but bland list of spells. I intend to spice it up and fill out a few holes this weekend. Then its incorporate all the rules changes that came from feed back

After the weekend expect a new preview – the character sheet for the game and perhaps the spell lists.

Then some dedicated destructive playtesting with my home group in a short campaign I’m calling ‘Things to do when your Undead in Inzom’.

Hearts in Glorantha
– contents in the can currently being proof read by the lovely  and  , John Ossoway has provided a lovely cover and its a creature feature with Harpies, Ducks, Dragonewts and Jack O’Bears oh my!  Lots of nice b&w art by some new artists. So your’s truely here needs to sit down and put it all together over the coming month – for an early Dec release.

– rules now in external playtesting. I need to start my final research for the settings page. So this means imersing myself in the novel and other sources of Chinese Mythology.

Shattered Lands
– Obviously SQ core comes first, but I need to work out what the book is going to contain. Serious hardcore writing after XMAS.

Life and Death
– Done and dusted. Now need to go through it with a fine comb and nit pick. Then pass onto someone else to do the same.

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