State of D101 Games address 2008 pt4: Beyond the summer and other bits..

So finally in the first half of this year you will see D101 Games move out of being a company in development to a company in reality.
Its going to be a big and pleasing leap, to see the stuff I’ve been working on for a good part of a year and more finally available, all nicely presented and illustrated.  Continuum in August is going to be the close of this first phase, and I’m intending to celebrate like a mutha!

Beyond this I’ll be promoting and developing SimpleQuest and Monkey.

SimpleQuest in the short term has the Shattered Lands series of adventures, which I’m going to throw myself into and have fun writing. Herodotus is still on the cards as is possibly some sort of Tang China supplement (a spin off from all that research I’ve been doing for Monkey). Though it is likely these will see the light of day more 2009.  There’s also SQ powered games, such as Blood and Sand , on the horizon. Plus I’m planning on supporting the game by doing some quick free scenarios, in the same way I used to write adventures and publish them via the web for HeroQuest

Monkey is going to be more of a promotional job, since I’m taking great pride in that its a complete standalone game. Perhaps a cheap adventure book may come out of my playtesting campaign, but other than that its going to be a case of getting out there and demoing the game to people.

The website has been a useful promotional tool, and is due a quick refresh soon. Mainly in the form of cleaned up Game pages but also switching on the news feed that comes with the Content Management System (CMS) I use for the site, to start pumping out announcements and release dates 😀  I’m going to keep the ‘purple monster’ look for the time being, but at some point its going to get a complete work over and a fresh template. Also at this stage musing about whether or not to make the site the focus for the games communities that will hopefully spring up around SQ and Monkey, or whether to develop links with communities that already have an interest and merely link to them. 

I’ve got a few ideas for games beyond SQ and Monkey. I’ve got a satirical Sci-fi/Cyberpunk game, that will probably use the Mongoose Traveller SRD if that is in a half decent shape, and a short fun game roughly based around the classic Troma Series Class of Nukem High and DR & Quinch.

I’m also looking at using

‘s upcoming Wordplay as out of the box system for story telling/narrative rules light games.  Again this is more 2009 territory, but one or two ideas might slip out as convention games.

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