Big Mad Fun at Continuum 2008

Well Continuum 2008 has been officially announced, at John Foster Hall, Leicester University, UK Friday 1st – Monday 4th August 2008.

Personally I’m going to be pimping Simple Quest and Monkey to the max.

Very early stages, but I’m thinking of doing a big mad Fantasy Greece game using SimpleQuest, with miniatures (hydras, hoplites, triremes) on a big map of Ancient Greece. Think Ray Harryhausen meets Herodotus.

Monkey is going to be making a big appearance as well, seeing as I’ll have the book out by then. Lots of tabletop games as well as the possibility of a short (4 max) Freeform, but since I’ve never done one of these before I’m going to consult the gods of Continuum free forming before I get carried away.

For me Continuum is going to be a D101Games thing, with the amps turned up to 11!

If anyone is interested in helping me out with all this fun, please get in touch (coment or contact at

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