The joy of SimpleQuest

I’m refocusing after my head being blown appart from Furnace (for which I fear there might be more reports for).

Had a quiet birthday and a glorious christening for my daughter (which will go on about) and in the quieter moments tried to work out what needs doing next.

The main priority at the moment is writing all the fluff (intros, flavour, examples and explaination text) for SimpleQuest. Need to get this done by late November latest when all the art work magically floats in and I start layout for a Xmas/early 2008 release. I say this because all the artists I know who I have contacted late last week have not responded thus far! It looks a massive mountain of work, until I break it down into small enjoyable chunks. Then i realise I’m pulling in also those classic flavour texts of yesterday, early to mid eighties before the White Wolf mania for short story telling kicked in. Then I break into wide grin, and the work becomes fun again.

So in my lunch hours (which is how I worked on the SRD) I’ve been working on the Intro (“What is a roleplaying game”, “You will need a set of Polyhedral dice, found in the game store where you bought this game”) and explainations and examples (“Rurik the Reckless gets into a bar room brawl”). Great fun stuff and a joy to write – the only reason why I’m doing this at the end of the day.

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2 thoughts on “The joy of SimpleQuest”

  1. Honestly, I’d major on clipart packs for this. Much cheaper, and available instantly – though you have to spend some time sifting through to pick out the right ones for your project. Plus once you’ve bought them they’re a reusable resource. Mail me if you want any pointers for a particular tone(s).

  2. I’m inclined to agree with you Tim.

    Tone(s) I’m looking for is Sword and Sorcery, with a slightly gritty feel, and Ancient world (Greece, Roman etc) feel.

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