Furnace 2007 pt2: SimpleQuest is going completely OGL!!!

After a chat with Tom Zunder (

 ) on Saturday of Furnace and thinking it over, I’ve decided to OGL the whole of the SQ game, the rules, the explanation text and the examples. There will also be a very quick intro to an example setting  and adventure which will demonstrate the rules. If you want a hard/softcover version it will be available via Lulu.  The plan is to get this out by XMAS, early winter 2008 by the latest. The reason why I’m getting it done and dusted so quickly is that I want to put it out and move on to other projects using the game engine, The Shattered lands, Blood and Sand for example.  Other publishers will be freely able to use the game engine as a basis for their own games/adventures under the OGL.

The Shattered Lands setting + adventure books
This supplement and series of adventures/sourcebooks is now going SQ only. No plans to do a RQ version, since it will be cause extra work for me, so the webpreview, which will remain somewhere on the website, will be the only part of the MRQ version to remain. I really want to put my energy into SQ after the interest and positive feedback I’ve received over the last couple days after putting up the website.  Getting out SimpleQuest first means however that its release gets moved forward to Q1 2008.

Blood and Sand
This is a new swords and sandals game, influenced by the Ancient period, old style Runequest and Robert E Howard’s Conan stories. A game where the player characters fight their way out slavery to power in a world dominated by massive City states ruled by evil Tyrants. It will use SimpleQuest as a base, but have extra rules and setting info for demon magic, gladiatorial games, street gangs and mobs, and an example city setting with personalities. None of this will be OGL, since it will be a full commercial game.

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