So I’ve bundled up the first five chapters of Monkey, (Introduction, Character creation, Action System, Developing the Story, and a scenario “Bag of Wind”) into a rough ashcan.  There’s more than enough to play the game, but its not the complete thing with full setting info, nice illustrations (interested artists please contact me) and it still needs vigorous playtesting. But I’m over the moon, its another milestone reached.

This is what I’ve previously called the ‘Coaster edition’, and copies of it have already gone off to the Mighty Monkey Army for comments and playtesting. I’m hoping to have a couple of wirebound printed copies ready by Furnace, to sell at cost, but I fear I might be running out of time.

If you are interested in joining the MMA and helping review and playtest this, please let me know (either by a comment below or a quick email to

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