All roads lead to Furnace

Update on all things d101games

SimpleQuest version 1 has gone to peer review. I’m fighting the urge to tweak/add to the basic SRD that I’ve produced. Deadline for comments Mid-nov. If I’ve not invited to to give the document a once over and you would like to be part of the peer review, comment below.

Monkey – all next week is Monkey week!  I finally bash the ‘coaster’ edition into shape. When its done I’ll jump for joy. Not 100% sure if I’ll have time to actually produce 70 CDs, with inlay, in time for Furnace. If not I feel a spiral bound ‘Ashcan’ on the cards. Expect joyous news on Friday.

Shattered Lands – The intro/first 10 pages of the RQ version is going in the Furnace con book. I’ve also made good progress on an introductory adventure called “Dead Pot Country’, which will get finished before Furnace (plans are to have it as a standby adventure). Then all I have to do is write up Aztar, a fantasy city ruled by Merchants which is the adventurers starting base, and then its done. Very happy about this.

Website – just registered this morning, so it will go live sometime over then next couple of weeks just before Furnace (no surprise there). Good thing about wittering on here about the games I’m doing is that its given me a good idea for copy for the pages which describe the games. Also I’ve got previews for all the stuff I’m writing.

After Furnace I work with artists, finish off the writing and play test like no tomorrow.

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