Release schedule

The Shattered Lands
A complete ready to play setting for MRQ in about 60pages. Background, character gen, cults, monsters, starting city , starting scenario.

Winter 2008

A intro level Fantasy game. A simplified version of MRQ/BRP using MRQ SRD as a base, + The Shattered Lands (i.e. A SQ version of the above as a sample campaign setting/starter adventure).

Winter 2008

Life and Death
A 60+ page adventure/sourcebook for MRQ/SQ

Spring 2008

100+ page storytelling game, with adventures, setting info, characters set in the Chinese epic of the same name.

Summer 2008 (but a preview/ashcan version should be available via website in Oct)

The plan is to publish these via pdf  and make hardcopy available via SimpleQuest will also have an OGL SRD available via the website when it comes out.
Now all I have to do is finish writing them, get some art done and set up the website!!

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