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After chatting (or was that ranting*) with over email this afternoon about Games Design I was reminded of a little toy I was playing with the other day that I wish I had when I designed Monkey.

MIND MAPS, if you don’t know what one is pop over to wikiapedia here where they do a much better job of explaining than me. Inspired by the idea that they are useful for creating lists of contents for book I worked up a quick example for Monkey.

Monkey Mind Map

(scroll down to see it as a list of contents)

I used Free Mind which is a free open source mind mapping piece of software, available in both windoz and linux flavours.

[*I should really take out my Game Designing frustration on some forum…..]

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  1. Now loaded the map into kdissert – which seems to be some kind of mind map reading thingummy. Your map is very good indeed. I’ll see how I go with it. I found the discussion this afternoon very helpful so please carry on! 🙂

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