Monkey chapter list

Here’s the contents for Monkey as it stands. Titles in italics are my take on the Monkey story, short excepts to set the scene and introduce the story to people who haven’t read the epic.

Players’ Section

  1. Introduction : Birth of monkey
  2. Character Generation: Monkey and Patriarch Subkobi
  3. Action rules: Monkey and the Demon of Havoc.
  4. Developing the story, Virtue & Fortune rewards. Player advice

Narrators’ Section: Monkey rebels against Western Heaven, and is imprisoned by Buddha.

  1. How to run the game: Tipitka frees Monkey and the quest begins.
  2. The Worlds of Monkey: Immortals & Locations
  3. Adventure: The bag of wind. (Linear adventure).
  4. Adventure: A Year in the City (Freeform adventure).


  1. Bibliography/Resources
  2. Chinese Animal traits.
  3. Character & Reference sheets

From a quick scan anything that I’m missing?

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3 thoughts on “Monkey chapter list”

  1. Very pleased to see this back.
    I thought the game had great potential and Matt (my son) and I love Monkey..

  2. Cool 🙂

    I look forward to sending you the draft. You’ve already given me lots of useful feedback already.

    BTW is there anything that you (or Matt) would like to see in the game?

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