Well a second draft of the character generation and system rules has gone to the playtesters for comment. They are suspiously quiet so I’ll have to send Monkey down from heaven to qive them a poke with his staff!

I’m going to get a group together to run a game, with the aim of meeting up and playing once a month. Perhaps even catch a Wuxia or episode of Monkey before we start? If you are up for this give me a shout.

Next stage is to do a guide to Immortals and Places in the book. Both are helped by a recent purchase of Mythology of the Far East by Rachel Storm, a easy to read enclopedia of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Mythology. Not only does it cover the Gods and Goddess I need from the book, as well as a host of characters who would fit in, it does it in a clear and consise style, which is a joy to read and gives me something to aim at when I am doing the write up with stats.

Also re reading the epic,via David Kherdian’s translation which is much easier to read and more focused on the spritual elements than Arthur Waleys’ translation (which is the most popular- see the Penguin version) Very nice to get a different take of the book. Very consise though. Going to get hold of the 4 volume University of Chicago version next 🙂

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