Playtest rules done and dusted

Ok the first version of the play test rules are done.

I’ve made them available to the “Friends of d101 games” list I’ve set up privately. Add a comment here if you want to join to help with playtesting, or just general rules nit picking.

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4 thoughts on “Playtest rules done and dusted”

  1. I’ve set up a private Yahoo group to hold the playtest rules, and provide a forum for feedback.

    I’ve already sent you an invite, but I’ld do so again.

  2. Ok, latest draft received abd being printed. Will playtest with Matt at weekend who is HUGE Monkey fan.

    Now how can we get the whole of MONKEY on DVD for a low cost?

  3. Ok, comments sent via email.
    Basically it’s very cool, but the resolution system takes too long and needs ramping down a notch. the Yin/Yang thing with cards is fine but frankly too much detail for me.

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