Still irrepresible!!

Recently I’ve been pleasantly distracted by some writing work for Issaries Inc’s HeroQuest and setting up the Masters of Luck and Death demo team, not to mention a completely bonkers Real Life Tm!(see for details)

However work on Monkey has been quitely going on in the back ground when I’ve had the chance. I’m now at the stage where I’ll have a playtest draft of the rules done by this weekend. I’ll then be setting up a local group to test the mechanics, and possibly an play by post/or email if I have time.

Apart from playtesting the rules my next big job is to do lots of background reading on Chinese Mythology. This is because I realised that the book doesn’t really tell you much about the Gods and Goddess’s Monkey meets in his journey. When it came to start writing up the deities for the Immortals chapter of the game I realised that the detail I know about some of the immortals (Lao Tzu, Ki Yin) comes from other books I have read. The same goes for the mythological locations mentioned in the book.

Last thing to report is that this journal is now completely public. There is also a private Friends of D101 games mailing list for people who want to become actively involved in the development of the game. Please leave a comment below if you are interested in joining this.

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