MonkeyLite is a short version of the game. It will have the basic rules of the game, but be low on detailed examples and setting material. It will probably have the main heroes from the book, Tripitaka, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy and a very simple introductory adventure. This is what I am currently working towards

The idea in the first instance is to have something to play test with. So MonkeyLite will be the 1st version of the rules. As detail and optional rules come up through the playtest MonkeyLite will be updated & developed. The detail & examples that that come out of the play test will go into MonkeyFull .

Then secondly MonkeyLite will also be offered as a free preview pdf with minimal illustration.

The main difference between MonkeyLite and MonkeyFull is that the former only contains only the bare bones of the game. It is not a crippled system, you could play a game if you know the book, but MonkeyFull has all the juicy background information with information on how to use it in the game already done.

UPDATE: 11 July 2007. Monkey lite is now known as the ‘coaster edition’ and if you want to know why, please read on.

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