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I’ve set up a wiki for development purposes.

This allows me to work on stuff both at home and during my lunch hour at work. Also it allows me to easily put concepts and rules into nice self contained pages, which logically reference each other. It is a really productive tool and much better than working with an ever increasing word document.

Also it allow other people (that’s you) add stuff to it and change things. For example or can be pedantic and correct my spellings or grammar, while can add to the rules. Just give a name when you edit the page and you will be credited with the change. Use the sandbox to test the system.

At the moment all that’s in there is a very rough draft of the rules which I’m going to clean up over the Easter hols (so hold off pedants!!)

Here’s the link

UPDATE 11th Aug 05: The wiki didn’t really work as well as I thought it would, and it was a pain to edit all the pages into one document. So I’ve closed it down.

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